Welcome to “The Handover”

Hello, and welcome to the home of “The Handover” blog carnival.

This carnival is specifically for all things emergency! It is the hub for each edition of this growing collection of tales and information from the emergency medical service and emergency rooms across the world.

What actually is a Blog carnival?

A blog carnival is a collection of posts from a specific group of bloggers and website authors, in this case, EMS and ER/A&E. It is like a monthly journal to give you snippets of content from various blogs and websites that you may not be aware about or have not yet found.

Blog carnivals give you, the blog reader, a chance to stumble across many different blogs in one go, or edition, as we call them here.

The Handover was  started by Medic999 in February of 2009. So far , all editions that have been published  and links to these can be found under the “previous editions” tab at the top of the page.

This carnival is owned and shared by all EMS bloggers, each edition is hosted by a different blogger who gets to choose their own theme for that edition and put their own style on the carnival for that month. As well as the themed section, the host will also accept links to stories and information regarding anything Emergency or EMS to a second ‘open’ section of the carnival.

How can I host an edition of  “The Handover”?

We are always looking out for future hosts, so if you have a blog which is in any way, shape or form related to emergency medicine, click on the “Host an Edition” tab at the top of the page.

When are new editions posted?

Currently, “The Handover” is published on the last Friday of every month.

How can I become involved and post a story or link to EMS/Emergency related information?

If you would like to submit posts for future editions, please click on the “submit post” tab at the top of this page

How can I read old editions of “The Handover”?

Click on the “published editions” tab at the top of the page for a list and links to all published editions of the carnival so far.

Who runs the Handover?

The Blog Carnival creator, Medic999, still keeps an interest in the Carnival, but the two administrators are fellow bloggers ‘From A Probies Eyes ‘and `Rescue Monkey`